Monthly Archives: April 2016

For the Love of Lemmy

Some people’s cats are anti social, closet hiding paranoids.  If you visit their houses you will never see their cat.  These people claim that their cats are soooo sweet and soooooo fun.  “You should see them play with their feather toy!”  they exclaim.  But the truth is, I will never see them play with their […]

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Sketch Paintings

I have a lot of ideas of I want to get out of my sketch book but I don’t always have a lot of time to do anything other than my greeting cards and coloring books which are much more detailed.  But last year I just felt like painting and I’m excited about it because […]

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What’s My Sister Saill Up to? #4:Cow Shaming!

Can a human please go to Petaluma and visit my sister?  At this very moment she is putting together cow shaming signs for each and every one of these cows, especially the black one, Bossy.  Feverishly constructing clear, grammatically correct sentences, on cardboard she recycled from a refrigerator box that she scavenged from the behind […]

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