Monthly Archives: May 2016

Shelters Now Offering Gifted and Talented Pets!!!

When my sister Saill adopted Sir Lancelot Buttercup at her local shelter she didn’t notice the word “Tinkerer” written in Sharpie underneath his name.  She just fell in love with his personality.  But immediately after he settled in Saill came home to her old radio disassembled and Sir Lancelot batting around the pieces. “Lancelot! You […]

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Professors Jasmine and ReRe Offering Summer Classes!

The professors are now accepting applications for their summer session.  They will be offering the following classes: “Pooping Indoors, it’s not just for rainy days.” And, “Commandering the Couch”.  Also, “Strategic Napping, More Places, More Often” and finally, they will be offering a new class in cooperation with Whiskers the cat called “Pee Blame, No […]

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