Monthly Archives: August 2016

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I have an email newsletter now!  Don’t worry, they’re not boring and I don’t send them out constantly.  I’m really having fun with them being funny and interesting too.  Each one has a new header and bottomer(???? what’s the right word for that?) that I make especially for the newsletter.  These were the images for […]

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We Are Rep and Tradeshow Free!

Sunde White Industries is now tradeshow and rep free!  After a lot of number crunching and careful consideration we have decided to do all our sales in house and to stop doing tradeshows.  For the money we spend on one tradeshow my sales partner Andrea and I could visit ten citites!  So that’s what we’re […]

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Awesome Dropouts!!

School isn’t right for everybody.  Richard Branson has dyslexia so school sucked for him.  He dropped out at 16 to start a youth magazine.  Then he formed the Virgin Group which consists of over 400 businesses.  He’s now a philanthropist that does nutty things like try to fly around the world in a hot air […]

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