Monthly Archives: December 2020

Hallmark Holiday Movie Board Game!!

sunde white created a hallmark channel holiday movie boardgame

Print out your game here! I have literally watched all the Hallmark Holiday movies ever made and now I’m putting my years of knowledge to good use.  I’ve put together this board game for you to build, color in, and then play!  This board game will either spare you hours of Hallmark Movie watching, […]

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All I Want For Christmas Are My Two Front Teeth

Sunde White illustrates her essay about her bad teeth

Years ago I broke my two front teeth snowboarding.  I wasn’t doing anything rad and awesome, I was actually guffawing at a joke my brother had made.  I threw my head back laughing as we walked, carrying our boards to the lift, then threw my head forward right into the metal edge of my board.  […]

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Weird Large Sleeved Sweater Weather!

Sunde White illustrates an essay about weird Anthropologie sweaters

Cardigan sweaters are my jam.  I love a zip up sweater with a hood.  But I’ll take one with no hood but a cool collar.  I’d try one with snaps or buttons but have just never seen one I like because usually those make me look frumpy because buttons are usually put onto sweaters with […]

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The 3 Best Holiday Movies You’ve Never Watched

Sunde White Illustrates her essay of 3 best holiday movies

There’s something very soothing about watching the same holiday movies that you have memorized every year when they pop up on tv.  But since we’re in the middle of a pandemic and maybe everyone is extra bored, I thought I’d suggest a few holiday movies that aren’t played over and over again every holiday season.  […]

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