Monthly Archives: February 2021

The Drop Out

Sunde White writes about why she left highschool and illustrates her experience.

I really struggled after I left my mom’s house at 14.  I had nightmares and would wake up everyone in my dad’s house because I was talking and shouting in my sleep.  I was having dream after dream all night, every night.  Sometimes they were about blue water and tropical islands but mostly they were […]

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Jasmine’s Baby

Sunde White illustrates her essay about adopting her second pitbull because her first dog loved her so much

When we first got ReeRee we thought we were just going to foster her.  We immediately started searching for a new home for her because we thought having two large dogs in an apartment would be impossible. Our dog Jasmine loved her but two dogs, two pitbulls in a city apartment? No way.  Yes, Jasmine […]

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Little Dog, A Haiku

sunde white illustrates her haiku about a little dog in a sweater she keeps seeing

For the past week I’ve been seeing a tiny little white dog that I’ve never seen before.  It’s winter time so he’s always wearing a blue and yellow hooded sweater.  Every day I see this dog.  I think he might be visiting since I’ve never seen his mom before either and if he’s not with […]

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