Monthly Archives: August 2021

Dropping In

sunde white writes and illustrates her experience with localism and sexism while surfing

I recently went down to Southern California for a short surf vacation. We went to the same town we’ve been going to for years because it’s charming, has good waves and as far as I can tell seems to have friendly people.  The water is warmer than up north and the waves are cruisy no […]

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The Mission Burrito, An Analysis

Sunde White Illustrates a diagram of the Mission Burrito in San Francisco

The other night a couple of friends and I were sitting around talking burritos because if you live in San Francisco, this just happens.  Mexican food is major to us but burritos are our everything.  If you live in the Mission, you can discuss burritos for hours.  Everyone has a favorite spot or two and […]

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