Monthly Archives: February 2022

City Folk

Sunde White illustrates her weekly essay about how she imagines hypodermic needles everywhere from living in the city so long.

This morning we left our Mission neighborhood apartment early and ran our dogs out to the beach near Half Moon Bay.  We are at the coast pretty much every day since we surf and I work in Pacifica.  It’s a huge relief to have an escape from SF life which has gotten pretty messy recently.  […]

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The Shoes

sunde white illustrates a valentine's day story about her dog loving her husband first

When I first met Britt, my now husband, he wore brown pointy toed loafers with buckles strapped across the top.  When I say he wore them, I mean he wore them everywhere.  Like the first time I picked him up to go surfing, he was wearing his casual weekend outfit which apparently was pleated khaki […]

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