Monthly Archives: June 2022

Let’s Talk About The Supreme Court

Sunde White illustrates her essay describing the Supreme Court

What Is The Supreme Court? Established by the US Constitution in 1790, it is the highest court in the United States.  It is the top court in the Judicial Branch of the US government.  There are presently 9 judges on this court and they make their judgments based on the majority decision.  The decisions of […]

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Dotty Rates Poop!

Sunde White illustrates an essay about her puppy Dotty eating poop

Our new puppy Dotty thinks poop is a delicious delicacy–so nuanced, so varied.  I am writing this on her behalf based on her expressions of delight, stubborn insistence or indifference about eating each type of poop.  I would like to take this moment to brag that she doesn’t eat her own poop or ReeRee’s so […]

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