Monthly Archives: July 2022

This Is Why We’re Here

sunde illustrates her essay about why Roe got overturned

  When I first got Jasmine, she was so physically weak from growing up in the pound that she immediately injured both her knees and seriously injured her back.  Then her elbows went because they picked up the extra work of supporting her big body that her messed up knees could not.  So for months […]

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Sunde White illustrates her essay, a Tomato Pie Recipe for summer

It’s tomato season so I thought I’d try making a tomato pie.  Does this sound weird?  It was really good!  It tastes like a mix between pizza and a quiche but there are no eggs in it because like, why not just make a quiche then?  Use store bought crust if you want or use […]

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Firework Tranquility Technique for Dogs!

sunde white illustrates her instructions to help dogs with fireworks on fourth of july

I’m very lucky that my dogs have never been very stressed out about fireworks. Maybe it’s because I’ve always lived in San Francisco’s Mission District where fireworks go off completely randomly for all occasions that aren’t the Fourth like New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, winning soccer matches, Halloween, World Series wins, Valentine’s Day, Tuesday, […]

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