Monthly Archives: October 2022

My SF and California Voting Guide!

Sunde White illustrates her 2022 California and San Francisco Voting guide

My Voting Guide For SF and California!  On Tuesday, November 8th there is an election!  Voting is exciting but doing research on confusing and manipulative propositions is not.  So I have researched them for you and below are my conclusions.  I implore you to just use this as a starting point.  Below is how I […]

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Sunde WHite writes and illustrates an essay about her pitbull's struggle with the loss of her sister and welcoming in a new puppy

The other day Dotty and her big sister ReeRee were playing tug of war with their leashes outside of my shop.  Well, to be exact, Dotty, my 9 month old puppy, was tugging on ReeRee’s leash and dragging her around by it until her big sister grabbed onto it and began tugging on it to […]

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Pie Math

Sunde White illustrate her essay about hoew to make a balanced tasing pie

Pie Math Welp, it’s the end of summer pie season and I never got around to posting this pie math essay in time for summer fruit season but I am posting it just in time for holiday pie season.  I am absolutely not a mathy person but there are a few creative endeavors that I […]

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