Monthly Archives: January 2023

Dotty Rates Her Chewies!!!

Dotty describes her favorite chews, Yakety Yak Himilayan Yak Cheese

Yaketey Yak Chews 10/10 I grabbed these out of desperation to keep baby Dotty quiet in my shop and they were, are and will forever be her very favorite chewy.  They are hardened Yak Cheese which is weird and crazy.  Also I thought they might be diarrhea inducing since it’s kind of a dairy product, […]

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Destination: Manifestation

Sunde White illustrates her essay about manifestation

The problem with manifestation is that it works best for people that have already been given a head start in life.  I don’t even mean a financial head start.  I mean a head start of attentive and loving parents, growing up with consistency and stability.  These lucky people will casually say things like, “Oh, Mary […]

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