Monthly Archives: September 2023

Medieval Cat Karma

Sunde White illustrates her essay about medieval cat art

  If you Google the words “medieval cats” a bunch of insane images of seemingly badly drawn cats from the Middle Ages will pop up.  These cats will often have human noses, gargoyle paws, Cheshire grins, deranged body shapes and crazy eyes.  Initially you might think that artists just weren’t that good back then and […]

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Surfing Gives Me Social Anxiety Now

Sunde White Illustrates a crowded day at Linda Mar

As I’ve gotten older I’ve lost my fire and believe me, that’s a good thing generally.  It allows me to have better social skills and not be bothered by someone cutting in line at the grocery store.  It helps me to hold my tongue and just move on so I don’t have public experiences of […]

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