Monthly Archives: December 2023

See’s Candies Identification Quiz!

Sunde White of Sunde White Industries illustrates her holiday See's Candies Identification quiz.

The holidays wouldn’t be the same without See’s Candies.  Yes, I am obsessed.  I like to do some sort of See’s candy essay each year so I thought it might be fun to do an identification game.  Be a holiday hero and memorize some of their most mysterious chocolates so that you can inform your […]

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Let’s Celebrate Winter Solstice Like Pagan Witches!

sunde white illustrates her essay about celebrating winter solstice like pagan witches

Welp, the days are getting shorter and darker…and colder.  This can feel very sad and endless but please remember that nature is resting and restoring and that means you should too.  It is in the darkest times that you find your deepest powers that you didn’t even know you had. Therefore, from the coldest winter […]

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