Sunde White illustrates her essay, a Tomato Pie Recipe for summer

Very exciting pie!

It’s tomato season so I thought I’d try making a tomato pie.  Does this sound weird?  It was really good!  It tastes like a mix between pizza and a quiche but there are no eggs in it because like, why not just make a quiche then?  Use store bought crust if you want or use your favorite crust recipe.


5 or 6 large ,ripe tomatoes

2 cloves finely diced garlic

Cracked black pepper

2 tbsp fresh chopped oregano

1 tbsp fresh chopped thyme

3 tbsp fresh chopped basil

2-3 cups (or more if you like!) Gruyere or Mozzarella

½ cup (or more if you like!) Finely grated Parmesan

1 round of pie crust


A few red pepper flakes to sprinkle on top



Heat oven to 350 degrees.

Cut tomatoes into thick slices.  (About ½ inch)  Salt both sides of sliced tomatoes and lay on racks with paper towels under them to catch the draining water.  This will flavor tomatoes and and also take out some moisture to keep them from making the pie too watery.  Let tomatoes sit for half hour then pat dry with paper towel and add to a large bowl.  Add to the tomatoes garlic, herbs and 5 or 6 turns of pepper grinder.  Mix together and let sit for another half hour.

Press crust into pan.  Sprinkle Parmesan and then an even layer of Gruyere or Mozzarella on the bottom of crust.  Place an even layer of tomatoes down over cheese.  Continue to layer cheese and tomatoes until you have reached right below crust.  I did three layers.  Make sure final layer of tomatoes are generously covered in cheese.  Sprinkle with some crushed red pepper to taste.

Bake until bubbling, cheese is melted and crust is browned, about 30 minutes.

Let sit for about 15 or 20 minutes. Serve warm for dinner but could be nice cut into slices and served cold at a picnic.


Sunde White tomato pie recipe