A Delicious Pint Of TV! (What I’ve Been Watching Lately)

I love TV!

I had a foot injury that kept me from walking or even standing for too long so I spent a bunch of time soaking up the healing rays of TV.  Here’s a list of things I watched during my recovery.  I have very schizophrenic TV taste, I’m not going to lie,  so some of these were real doozies that I watched so you don’t have to.  But definitely most are fun and easy to watch.  Enjoy!

Top Chef Wisconsin:


This season takes place in Milwaukee and Madison WI and has a new host.  Kristen Kish replaces Padma Lakshmi seamlessly since she’s a past winner of the show and has been a guest quite a few times.  As usual, this is super watchable, fast paced cooking competition that I get sucked into every time.  The first episode’s losing chef doesn’t go on to compete in Last Chance Kitchen and I’m still trying to figure out why but both Top Chef and Last Chance Kitchen are just as good as they’ve always been.


Apples Never Fall:


A five part family drama/slash murder mystery starring Annette Bening and Sam Neill, really is such a soap opera.  It hooks you in from the start when the mom disappears mysteriously and you have to watch for eight hours straight to figure out if she’s alive or dead and who IS the mysterious stranger that befriended her before she went missing??? This show had me eye rolling the whole way through but I kept on watching it.




This is such a fun competition show.  It’s a “Who Done it?” murder mystery game that takes place in a Scottish castle for some reason and is hosted by Alan Cumming.  There are twenty contestants called the Faithfuls, that are getting killed off one by one by fellow contestants chosen by the producers to be the Traitors.  If the Faithfuls figure out who all the Traitors are and banish them by the end of the game then they win the cash but if there is even one Traitor left, the Traitor wins all the money.  There are UK and Australian versions of this show too and they are all just as fun.


The Gentlemen:


Created by Guy Ritchie this Netflix series is almost a cartoonish version of all his past work.  An aristocrat inherits his family’s estate and learns that it’s the home of an underground Marijuana empire.  This launches him into the weird and dangerous UK underworld with drug addicts, murderers, mob bosses, drug kings blah blah blah.  The characters and plot twists are so over the top it actually becomes boring.  I stopped watching after the third episode.  I guess if you’re a hardcore Guy Ritchie fan you might like it.  But my husband loves all his movies and finally had to give up on this series.


Palm Royale:

Apple TV

This show is star studded and packed full of horribly wonderful characters trying to break into or stay at the top of 1969’s Palm Beach high society.  It stars Kristen Wiig, Carol Burnett, Alison Janney and many more.  I’ve only had time to watch the first few episodes but I love it already. The vibe and the costuming are outstanding!




This is an 8 episode miniseries based on the novel of the same name by James Clavell.  It takes place in the 1600’s in Japan when the country was run by Shoguns and Samurais right after the Portuguese first started trading with them but before other European nations knew about the island country.  The first couple episodes are written well, filmed beautifully and I look forward to all future episodes.



Apple TV

Colin Farrell stars in this detective series where he’s an edgy detective with a heart of gold that gets hired by super rich or dangerous people to find missing loved ones.  Did I mention he’s suave and speaks a bunch of random languages fluently, is a film buff and and and…actually I have nothing else to say because I turned it off before the end of the first episode because it was written so badly in plot and dialogue that I couldn’t even watch it.  I thought the way it was filmed had a cool feel to it, but that wasn’t enough to keep me watching. Skip this one!


Sunderland ‘Til I Die:


This is a sports documentary about a struggling soccer team in the English working class town of Sunderland.  If it sounds familiar, it’s because Ryan Reynolds bought a soccer club  in a working class town in the UK a couple of years ago and then produced a tv show called Welcome To Wrexham that copies Sunderland almost frame for frame.  But Sunderland is SO much better and will have you at the edge of your seat and weepy as you cheer on this team. It initially had only two seasons starting in 2018 but I have a theory that due to the success of Reynold’s show, they produced a new season in 2024. This is a must watch!