A Joyful Rebellion

Just gettin’ through the day

I recently witnessed the greatest moment of work rebellion ever.  You know when you’re at work and you’re like, “No one’s the boss of me.  You may have my physical body for the next 8 hours, but you can’t have my mind.”  ?  It was basically that sentiment  being acted out with a six wheel ice cream delivery truck, and it was glorious.

I noticed the truck when I pulled up in the beach parking lot.  It was early so there were only a couple of cars scattered around.  The truck was parked across 8 or 10 parking spots and facing the adjacent Taco Bell parking lot.

These parking lots are separated by a curb, about 8 feet of a wildflower covered sandy slope and then another curb.  Also it’s important to note that in the Taco Bell parking lot there is a cement median in the middle, running the length of it to gently suggest to drivers to please drive around the parking lot in a counter clock wise direction and to not drive straight across it or your car will get grounded on this median they put there, thank you very much.

Here’s a map!

I pulled into my favorite beach parking spot in the farthest corner nearest to the Taco Bell lot and a few feet from the sandy slope.  That is when the magical moment of bad ass work rebellion happened.  The ice cream truck began to move, slowly at first and then picked up speed.  A jogger nearby stopped to watch.  Casually, the large truck drove over the curb and skillfully maneuvered down the sandy slope, neatly dropping off the opposite curb belonging to the Taco Bell.  The jogger and I exchanged wide eyed looks.

But the driver didn’t stop there.  Once in the Taco Bell parking lot he took the median straight on, hopped all six wheels over the thing and then neatly turned his truck to park perfectly in line with a row of hedges.  He sat there for a second, checked his phone and then casually jumped out and walked into the Taco Bell for his breakfast like nothing happened.  But it totally happened.  The jogger and  I are his witnesses to his brief moment of freedom in his long work day, and it was awesome.


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