Sunde started Sunde White Industries in 2009. She makes everything totally by hand, drawing, painting, cutting and gluing her images together piece by piece. Sunde gets her inspiration from her dogs, nature and urban San Francisco. When she’s not drawing she’s surfing, snowboarding, hiking, reading marketing manuals, making low budge how-to videos and cuddling with her dogs.


Britt on Beach with Dogs

                Britt is the numbers guy which is perfect for him since his hobbies include organizing, filing and calculating.  When he’s not adding and subtracting he’s outside surfing, snowboarding and drinking coffee with his doggies.


Andrea and Jazzy dog on couch

                Andrea is a creative marketing and branding genius.  She is responsible for every good idea that happens around here.  Her talent as a low budge how-to video maker is on full display in the video section of this website.  She loves cats, animal prints and learning stuff.


Working on a DrawingSunde Working on her Art

We call the art that Sunde does for the cards drawings because each one is made up of dozens of individual pencil drawings. Those drawings are painted in, cut out with scissors, formed into a composition and then glued down on paper. Click here to watch how a card comes to life.

We’re givers

                We try to give as much money as possible to land and animal charities.  Right now we give to New York Bully Crew  and Wildcare.

NYBC rescues and finds homes for the most abused and neglected dogs.  We support them because they never say no to any dog.  Wildcare rescues and rehabilitates wild animals in Northern California.  They also do not refuse any rescue, whether it’s a mouse or a mountain lion.