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Sunde White illustrates her story about spider season

I’m a worker bee but a spider!

Welp, it’s spider season and I have four large spiders in my backyard.  They each have their own quadrant where they have built gigantic webs stretching inconveniently through my yard’s thoroughfares.  One spider has decided that connecting her web between the bouganvillea and the lid of our recycling bin is the perfect place to build her home.

I am a big spider supporter, they keep the ecosystem balanced, but obviously if I walk through a web at night I will absolutely scream hysterically, shake out my hair and rip off most of my clothes, searching each piece to make sure there’s not a spider attached to the fluffy softness of my fleece sweatshirt.  I said I’m a spider supporter, not a lover!  They are ceepy, lightning fast and they bite.

But  I will protect them through their season and gently suggest new web attachments by walking into them while taking the trash out.  But you know what’s great about spiders besides eating the bad bugs in my yard?  They’re happy, upbeat workers that, when you destroy their web with your face they retreat up to their anchor line, wait for the threat to pass, and then within seconds they shrug and get right back to work rebuilding their web.  Within a few hours, when I check back in, their web will be almost rebuilt AND it will be built precisely high enough to float about two inches above your head so you won’t walk into it again.

My gahd, we should all be more like spiders when bad things happen.  Just shrug and get right back to work rebuilding.