Be a Palm Tree

Still there

Last week a couple of American cities were wiped out from a giant hurricane.  The people in Florida are still in desperate need of help so please visit if you’d like to help.

I watched Hurricane Michael on TV as it was coming to shore.  It pulled sheets of steel off of gymnasiums, uprooted hundred year old forests, lifted up yachts and cars and discarded them into piles like they were toys.  But as the wind blew and blew the one thing holding its ground against the storm were the palm trees.  And in the morning, when the storm was over and the skies were blue again standing calm and unfazed were those trees.  It turns out that the harder the wind blows, the longer and deeper their roots grow, making them stronger every time they go through a storm.

This inspired me.   I’m going to try to be like a palm tree every time I face a storm in my own life so I can come out the other side stronger than before.


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