Bunny Update!

Sunde White illustrates her essay about realizing there are floppy bunnies living amonst her.

Oh good!

So today I visited the girls’ vet that also happens to live in Montara and I told her about the rabbit.  She tells me that she keeps hearing about people seeing black floppy eared rabbits around the area.

“If a bunch of people are seeing them, then there must be more than one.”  She told me.  She went on to say that probably there are a bunch of them living in a colony under the cypress trees.

“Have you ever seen those little weasels that live out there?  They grab the little wild baby bunnies in the spring time and carry them off but the floppy eared rabbits must be too big!  Probably a couple of people have released rabbits out there and now there’s a whole colony living out there.”

“So I don’t have to worry about them?? I’m so relieved!!”

“It’s a pretty good environment for them to thrive and it seems like they are.” She said and went back to adjusting ReeRee’s spine and feeding her treats.