Road trips

Are You There God? It’s Me Sunde

don’t know if there’s a god and I’m not at all religious but this thing happened to me a couple of years ago that made me a little bit more of a believer.  I’m going to preface this story by admitting that,  at the time of the incident,  I was listening to a lot of  […]

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Notes from the California Gift Show

Well we’re back from the tradeshow in L.A. after surviving driving through the Central Valley twice with no AC. (See my very first blog post to see why we have no AC.) Thank you to everyone who stopped in and were so positive about our cards. The show was made very fun by our great […]

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Our Long, Long, Long Trip to NYC or I Heart Iowa

After 6000 miles driven, two snow storms ( one each way!!) in Wyoming, endless bickering after caffeine and sugar crashes, a bored dog feigning intestinal discontent just to get us to stop the car and one breakdown in Iowa, Britt, Dee Dee and I have arrived home safely from The National Stationery Show in New […]

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