Saill’s ranch

Pitbull Powers Activate!

Pitbulls were once known as the Nanny Dog and the dog of the working class people.  It was the most common type of dog in America.  The pitbull’s warm and sensitive nature and interest in pleasing their owner is why they are beloved pets but it is also why they are taken advantage of by […]

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What’s My Sister Saill Up To? Frankie Hollywood Edition!

Well, as usual Saill’s been up to interesting stuff on her ranch like creating watering systems for her trees, watching cows and saving democracy with her voting research which you can see here: But the funnest thing she’s been up to is she adopted Frankie from the Petaluma Animal Shelter!  He is the cutest, […]

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What’s My Sister Saill Up to? #4:Cow Shaming!

Can a human please go to Petaluma and visit my sister?  At this very moment she is putting together cow shaming signs for each and every one of these cows, especially the black one, Bossy.  Feverishly constructing clear, grammatically correct sentences, on cardboard she recycled from a refrigerator box that she scavenged from the behind […]

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