Medvedev Don’t Care!

sunde white illustrates her essay about Medvedev celebrating boos at US Open

In 2019, at the end of the men’s third round match in Louis Armstrong Stadium, the boos for a young Russian tennis player that had just won were loud and sustained.  Any normal personal would have wilted under the collective negativity of 14,000 people but not Medvedev, it energized him.  After he shook his opponents […]

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Women’s Tennis is Boring Now

Tennis has a history of amazing women champions and matches that had you on the edge of your seat. Martina Navratalova, Chris Evert, Steffi Graff, Martina Hingis, The Williams Sisters, Henin, Clijsters and Mauresmo–to name a few. The late nineties and early 2000’s was an awesome time for women’s tennis and kind of a boring […]

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Federer at Wimbledon

I have two heros, Roger Federer and Howard Stern. But they’re so different from eachother, you say, what do they have in common to both be your heros? Well, they both inspire me because they are two naturally firey people who have harnessed their powers to become the greatest in their fields. Exucuse me, I […]

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