Beware of Foxtails

Sunde White illustrates an essay about the danger of foxtails to dogs

It’s foxtail season so I wanted to share with dog families how dangerous they are to them.  Foxtails are barbed clusters of grass that can enter the dog’s body through the nose, mouth, ear, eye or even the paws or skin. Because they are barbed, they move in one direction only, forward.  When they get […]

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The Killing Fields: Outsmart ants!

Sunde White illustrates and essay about how to eradicate ants

I first noticed them on my barbecue.  I turned on the flame and the ants came running out to the safety of the cool stainless steel frame but many burned up in the fiery Armageddon that I had created.  I immediately turned off the flame and waited for them to disperse and went on with […]

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Recently, a guy came into my shop to look around.  He was an acquaintance.  He’d been in my shop before.  We were talking and everything was fine until we had a minor difference of opinion which ended up getting heated and weird really quickly so I told him, let’s just stop the conversation and move […]

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Men Get To Make Art, Women Have To Make Things

I know a few men that are artists, fine artists I mean.  Like they are represented by galleries and make their living by wealthy collectors buying their art.  These men have a large following.  Images of their art is in coffee table books.  They have art openings attended by rich patrons. Their whole job is […]

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Wines I Like For Valentine’s Day!

Sunde White illustrates her essay of wines she likes

Now that wine can be ordered on line, I thought I’d give you a little list of wines I like.  If you are in a state that can’t get wine shipped to it, I recommend asking for it at your local market, they will usually be happy to carry a wine that their customers recommend. […]

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Do A Kickflip!

Sunde White writes and illustrates her experiencing skateboarding and having people demand kick flips

*Kickflip: A skateboard trick where skater ollies to pop themselves and their board into the air and then, mid air, they kick the side of the board so it does a full rotation and they then land back on the board. There’s a weird thing that has happened to all skateboarders as we just mind […]

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See’s Candies Identification Quiz!

Sunde White of Sunde White Industries illustrates her holiday See's Candies Identification quiz.

The holidays wouldn’t be the same without See’s Candies.  Yes, I am obsessed.  I like to do some sort of See’s candy essay each year so I thought it might be fun to do an identification game.  Be a holiday hero and memorize some of their most mysterious chocolates so that you can inform your […]

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Let’s Celebrate Winter Solstice Like Pagan Witches!

sunde white illustrates her essay about celebrating winter solstice like pagan witches

Welp, the days are getting shorter and darker…and colder.  This can feel very sad and endless but please remember that nature is resting and restoring and that means you should too.  It is in the darkest times that you find your deepest powers that you didn’t even know you had. Therefore, from the coldest winter […]

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Viva Jasmine!

sunde white illustrates her story about her pitbull jasmine loving halloween

I’ve never been that into Halloween.  I get embarrassed wearing costumes and in the city no one has ever trick or treated that much in my neighborhood so it has always been something I never thought of celebrating as an adult.  Then I got Jasmine, my giant, beautiful grey pitbull, and Halloween became something I […]

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Pumpkin Milkshake Recipe!

Sunde White illustrates her pumpkin milkshake recipe

It’s pumpkin season!  Here’s a delicious spicy and creamy pumpkin millkshake recipe for you. Cinnamon Whipped Cream: With a hand mixer, whip half a pint of heavy cream until it looks like a melted milkshake.  Add a 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla, two tbsp. of powdered sugar. (more or less) and 4 shakes of cinnamon.  Whip […]

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Medieval Cat Karma

Sunde White illustrates her essay about medieval cat art

  If you Google the words “medieval cats” a bunch of insane images of seemingly badly drawn cats from the Middle Ages will pop up.  These cats will often have human noses, gargoyle paws, Cheshire grins, deranged body shapes and crazy eyes.  Initially you might think that artists just weren’t that good back then and […]

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Surfing Gives Me Social Anxiety Now

Sunde White Illustrates a crowded day at Linda Mar

As I’ve gotten older I’ve lost my fire and believe me, that’s a good thing generally.  It allows me to have better social skills and not be bothered by someone cutting in line at the grocery store.  It helps me to hold my tongue and just move on so I don’t have public experiences of […]

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The Killer

Sunde White writes and illustrates about her brush with a murderer.

The bar next door to my shop has motorcycle club events from time to time.  It’s not ideal because it means there are a bunch of people smoking pot and cigarettes everywhere and the parking lot gets full of toxic masculinity and motorcycles.  This is bad for my business and for my next door neighbor […]

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Strawberry Margaritas! From Scratch!

Sunde White illustrates a strawberry margarita for her strawberry margarita recipe

Makes at least 8 I made these for friends on one of San Francisco’s only hot nights of the year and sat and drank them in my garden and they were delightful.  I had them with Herradura tequila and Cointreau but Britt had them virgin and they are delicious and refreshing that way too. I […]

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The Curse of Ramp Camp: Part 1

Sunde White of Sunde White Industries illustrates her essay about a week she took off to skate the Half Moon Bay Ramp

Ten years ago a skate ramp showed up one day in a foggy part of Half Moon Bay across the street from a popular surf spot.  No city officials or local citizens objected to it so it stayed there, becoming a local landmark and destination.   Recently, Caltrans notified the town that they were planning on […]

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Poison Oak Cure!

Sunde White illustrates her essay about her new found cure for poison oak

Welp, it’s Poison Oak season again here in California and I don’t want to name any name, Dotty, but ever since we got her we’ve been getting THE worst outbreaks.  Unlike other dogs we’ve had in the past Dotty insists on running into every shrub, bush and tall grass she sees and comes out dripping […]

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Bunny Update!

Sunde White illustrates her essay about realizing there are floppy bunnies living amonst her.

So today I visited the girls’ vet that also happens to live in Montara and I told her about the rabbit.  She tells me that she keeps hearing about people seeing black floppy eared rabbits around the area. “If a bunch of people are seeing them, then there must be more than one.”  She told […]

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The Brave Rabbit

Sunde White illustrates her essay about an abandoned rabbit

  So about a month ago I was driving on Hwy 1, about to pull in to the parking lot of a favorite beach, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a large black rabbit sitting peacefully in the dirt a safe distance from the road.  I’m not a rabbit expert but […]

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What We’re Watching!

sunde White illustrates and writes her tv picks for her blog

What We’re Watching!  I really love snuggling with my girls and watching trash TV or highly intelligent TV, documentaries, comedies, cooking shows, dramas or reality tv.  I don’t care what it is, I probably have loved watching it.  Here are a few of our favorites right now.  Also, I make a really tasty popcorn that […]

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The Monster: My Thoughts on Mother’s Day

Sunde White illustrates her essay about childhood abuse with an image of a monster

  Mother’s Day is not easy for some people.  It may bring up grief or stress based on your life experience and personal associations with motherhood and what that means to you.  Every Mother’s Day that comes around is hard for me.  It makes me feel more alone in the world than any other day.  […]

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I Guess I’m Just Bald Now

Sunde White writes about her mysterious bald patch

Years ago, my normally thick, lush hair began to thin in the front.  I noticed it one night in the bathroom of a French English private school where I was taking a beginning French class.  When I looked in the mirror as I washed my hands the fluorescent lights backlit my hairline revealing hair so […]

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Let’s Talk About The 2nd (and 3rd) Amendment

Sunde White Illustrates her essay about the second amendment

Welp, it’s official.  Gun violence is the leading cause of death in American kids under the age of 19.  There have been 127 mass shootings in 2023 and it’s only March.  We have probably all heard about the Tennessee shooting last week where 3 beautiful kids are gone forever along with 3 upstanding and loving […]

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Cottontail The Bunny, Feminist Icon

Sunde White writes an essay about feminist icon from children's book The Country Bunny and the little golden shoes by DuBose Heyward

It’s almost Easter and I just wanted to remind everyone about an 85 year old book about a cute little lady rabbit that smashes all of life’s barriers in order to achieve her dream.  If this book were written in today’s backwards world it would probably be immediately banned in Florida for giving other ladies […]

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Give It A Year

sunde white illustrates an essay about her pitbull Jasmine

  I always think that when I’m trying a new life choice to just give it a year before I make a final decision about it.  I especially think this applies to rescue dogs.  Give that dog a year to become itself, detox from various abandonment or abuse, get to know you, get to know […]

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Flying While Migraining

Sunde White illustrates her essay about how to fly without getting a migraine

  (Disclaimer: I am an artist, not a medical doctor.  This is just my personal experience.) Out of the blue, in my mid thirties, I started to get migraines.  I have a theory that they started right after we put in some raw particle board down for our floors in our apartment and then did […]

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Thank You Skateboarding

thank you skateboarding graphic by sunde white

I started skating when I was about fifteen in the nineties. I fell in love with it right away.  I loved the freedom, how loud it was, how all consuming fun it was.  I loved that every curb, ledge or ramp became a creative obstacle to invent tricks on.  I loved how it was kind […]

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Kissing Crows

I love crows so much.  They are so smart and funny.  On windy days up in the hills you can see them in groups playing a complex game of catch with a pine cone, swooping up and waiting for their teammate below to catch up and then dropping it down to them to catch.  I’ve […]

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Dotty Rates Her Chewies!!!

Dotty describes her favorite chews, Yakety Yak Himilayan Yak Cheese

Yaketey Yak Chews 10/10 I grabbed these out of desperation to keep baby Dotty quiet in my shop and they were, are and will forever be her very favorite chewy.  They are hardened Yak Cheese which is weird and crazy.  Also I thought they might be diarrhea inducing since it’s kind of a dairy product, […]

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Destination: Manifestation

Sunde White illustrates her essay about manifestation

The problem with manifestation is that it works best for people that have already been given a head start in life.  I don’t even mean a financial head start.  I mean a head start of attentive and loving parents, growing up with consistency and stability.  These lucky people will casually say things like, “Oh, Mary […]

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Let Them Eat See’s!

Sunde White owner of Sunde White Industries, http://www.sundewhiteindustries.com writes an essay about loving See's candy

It’s my favorite time of year…See’s candy season!  I’ve been obsessed with See’s ever since the first time I can remember my dad bringing home an assorted box during Christmas time for each of the six kids to share.  Each of us were allowed one piece of candy a night at the end of dinner. […]

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My SF and California Voting Guide!

Sunde White illustrates her 2022 California and San Francisco Voting guide

My Voting Guide For SF and California!  On Tuesday, November 8th there is an election!  Voting is exciting but doing research on confusing and manipulative propositions is not.  So I have researched them for you and below are my conclusions.  I implore you to just use this as a starting point.  Below is how I […]

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Sunde WHite writes and illustrates an essay about her pitbull's struggle with the loss of her sister and welcoming in a new puppy

The other day Dotty and her big sister ReeRee were playing tug of war with their leashes outside of my shop.  Well, to be exact, Dotty, my 9 month old puppy, was tugging on ReeRee’s leash and dragging her around by it until her big sister grabbed onto it and began tugging on it to […]

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Pie Math

Sunde White illustrate her essay about hoew to make a balanced tasing pie

Pie Math Welp, it’s the end of summer pie season and I never got around to posting this pie math essay in time for summer fruit season but I am posting it just in time for holiday pie season.  I am absolutely not a mathy person but there are a few creative endeavors that I […]

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Crazy Pants, Good Jeans!

Sunde White illustrates her essay about how all women's pants look crazy

Has anyone else had a problem finding semi normal jeans lately? Like, I totally get it, I’m a lady in my forties so I guess I’m super uncool now that I just want some jeans with waists that don’t  come up to my under boobs.  I want pants that don’t make my butt appear three […]

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This Is Why We’re Here

sunde illustrates her essay about why Roe got overturned

  When I first got Jasmine, she was so physically weak from growing up in the pound that she immediately injured both her knees and seriously injured her back.  Then her elbows went because they picked up the extra work of supporting her big body that her messed up knees could not.  So for months […]

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Sunde White illustrates her essay, a Tomato Pie Recipe for summer

It’s tomato season so I thought I’d try making a tomato pie.  Does this sound weird?  It was really good!  It tastes like a mix between pizza and a quiche but there are no eggs in it because like, why not just make a quiche then?  Use store bought crust if you want or use […]

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Firework Tranquility Technique for Dogs!

sunde white illustrates her instructions to help dogs with fireworks on fourth of july

I’m very lucky that my dogs have never been very stressed out about fireworks. Maybe it’s because I’ve always lived in San Francisco’s Mission District where fireworks go off completely randomly for all occasions that aren’t the Fourth like New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, winning soccer matches, Halloween, World Series wins, Valentine’s Day, Tuesday, […]

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Let’s Talk About The Supreme Court

Sunde White illustrates her essay describing the Supreme Court

What Is The Supreme Court? Established by the US Constitution in 1790, it is the highest court in the United States.  It is the top court in the Judicial Branch of the US government.  There are presently 9 judges on this court and they make their judgments based on the majority decision.  The decisions of […]

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Russian Reading List

Sunde White illustrates her Russian Reading List

I’ve been obsessed with Russian history for years now so I have accumulated a very small book list that I really enjoyed.  With everything going on in Ukraine I figured some of you might be interested in some of these too. The Man Without a Face, The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin by Masha Gessen […]

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Ocean Beach, A Love Story or Whatever

Sunde White illustrates her surfing experience at San Francisco's Ocean Beach

San Francisco’s surf beach that runs the width of the city is called Ocean Beach.  It is one of the world’s most dangerous waves because of its power, huge winter waves, rip currents, cold water, nearly impossible paddle outs and how far away from shore it breaks.  It is surfable from October thru March or […]

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Goodbye Sweet Jasmine

sunde white illustrates her essay saying goodbye to her big hearted pitbull, Jasmine

Ten days ago we lost our beautiful Jasmine to a sudden heart attack.  The vet said there was no way to know or help her, she just had a gigantic heart.  What a metaphor for her, she truly was the most loving and generous girl.  Always watching over her sister ReeRee, she was her big […]

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Let’s Learn About Ukraine, Russia and NATO

sunde white illustrates her essay about what to know about ukraine, russia and NATO

So Putin, the psychopathic weirdo that is the leader of Russia, decided that he just absolutely cannot LIVE without Ukraine.  Like, he’ll just absolutely die of heartbreak if he cannot be reunited with his Soviet hostage and have his beautiful boundary-less Russia ooze all over independent Ukraine until it is completely reabsorbed back into the […]

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City Folk

Sunde White illustrates her weekly essay about how she imagines hypodermic needles everywhere from living in the city so long.

This morning we left our Mission neighborhood apartment early and ran our dogs out to the beach near Half Moon Bay.  We are at the coast pretty much every day since we surf and I work in Pacifica.  It’s a huge relief to have an escape from SF life which has gotten pretty messy recently.  […]

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Cumin Cauliflower and Mushroom Mac&Cheese!

Sunde White illustrates her mac and cheese recipe

Don’t be scared of my untraditional mac & cheese recipe, it’s really good, I swear!  The cauliflower lightens it up and gives the sharp cheeses some sweetness and the cumin along with a ton of garlic, red pepper flakes and brown sugar give it some nice complexity that keeps your tongue guessing.  This is not […]

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We Got You Baby!

image of baby sea by Sund White

Remember on December 31st, 2019, when we were all like, “Ugh, good riddance 2019, you were the worst!!! Welcome 2020, this year’s gonna be the best!”   Me too, lol. So now it’s 2022 (aka 2020 too).  Who else is finding themselves to be mentally fatigued for the past couple of years?  Same.  But this makes […]

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Reclaiming My Time!

Sunde White talks about how she rests during the holidays

You know when you’re a politics nerd and you watch Senate hearings where senators bring in Mark Zuckerberg or a pharmaceutical executive or a big oil executive and they ask them why they are destroying Earth?  Each Senator is allowed the same amount of time to ask questions of the respondent, usually just a couple […]

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Back To Business!

Sunde White illustrates her story about spider season

Welp, it’s spider season and I have four large spiders in my backyard.  They each have their own quadrant where they have built gigantic webs stretching inconveniently through my yard’s thoroughfares.  One spider has decided that connecting her web between the bouganvillea and the lid of our recycling bin is the perfect place to build […]

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Berry Cobbler!!!

Sunde White illustrates her essay on how to make Berry Cobbler

Okay, so I know I’m totally late on this berry cobbler recipe but I just concocted it last week for Britt’s birthday and he really liked it so I wanted to post it before I forgot.  Furthermore, Blackberries are at their peak right now so you could still make a beautiful black and blue cobbler […]

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Know Your Limits

On New Year’s Day, my husband Britt and I drove our dogs out to San Francisco’s Ocean Beach.  We parked next to a guy that was about to go surf the jumbly, stormy waves.  Out of the back of his truck he pulled out an orange soft top board.  Britt and I exchanged eye rolls.  […]

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So Jelly

Last week there was a break in the incessant wind and fog of spring on the coast.  The sun came out and the surf calmed down at my favorite beach.  It was a Tuesday so the beach was empty.  The dogs and I were the only ones that saw the big grey whale surface just […]

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Nature’s Gonna Nature

I was waiting at a stop light one afternoon when a big hawk dropped out of the sky in front of my windshield.  He snatched a pigeon out of mid air and landed with it on the roof of a car next to me.  The light turned green and I drove away still watching the […]

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Are You There God? It’s Me Sunde

don’t know if there’s a god and I’m not at all religious but this thing happened to me a couple of years ago that made me a little bit more of a believer.  I’m going to preface this story by admitting that,  at the time of the incident,  I was listening to a lot of  […]

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Thank You San Francisco!

Thank You San Francisco!  There’s this weird thing that people in San Francisco do that I think is really condescending, disingenuous  and gross but also funny and ridiculous.  Instead of taking their old used filthy junk to the dump they pretend like they’re doing everyone a huge favor by offering it to us…for FREE! They […]

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See’s Candy Analysis, Part 1

I love See’s Candy.  I was a sugar restricted kid that looked forward to the holidays every year so I could get my three pieces of See’s candy from the 2 pound box. (I have a big family).   I grew up studying and mapping out the candy box so that none of my precious chocolate […]

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Over the Rainbow

When my first dog Dee Dee was very old and couldn’t walk far, I would take her to the beach every day.  She would totter along until she didn’t feel like it anymore.  Then we’d sit together for an hour or so in the sand.  She’d lift her face to the sun and sniff the […]

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2016 was a weird one.  We lost so many rad people.  Here’s some portraits of them.  Wishing everyone a beautiful and inspiring 2017–no matter what the political climate is, great art and ideas can still be made.

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Lithograph Art Prints coming in 2017!!!

Well I’m really excited for January because I’m coming out with four 8×10 inch lithograph prints and three 10×14 inch lithograph prints.  What’s a lithograph?  It’s the same as offset printing.  It provides the sharpest, brightest, clearest image possible out of any other printing method.  Even the best digital printers can’t duplicate the clarity of […]

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New Greeting Cards in the Works!

Hello!  I am working on new greeting cards for spring, including a graduation/congratulations card that I’m really pumped about featuring this victorious squirrel.  And then I’ll probably have 3 or 4 new birthday cards too.  A couple of the birthday cards I’m working on are exceptionally kooky but I’m going to do them anyway because […]

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Subscribe To My Newsletter!

I have an email newsletter now!  Don’t worry, they’re not boring and I don’t send them out constantly.  I’m really having fun with them being funny and interesting too.  Each one has a new header and bottomer(???? what’s the right word for that?) that I make especially for the newsletter.  These were the images for […]

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We Are Rep and Tradeshow Free!

Sunde White Industries is now tradeshow and rep free!  After a lot of number crunching and careful consideration we have decided to do all our sales in house and to stop doing tradeshows.  For the money we spend on one tradeshow my sales partner Andrea and I could visit ten citites!  So that’s what we’re […]

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Awesome Dropouts!!

School isn’t right for everybody.  Richard Branson has dyslexia so school sucked for him.  He dropped out at 16 to start a youth magazine.  Then he formed the Virgin Group which consists of over 400 businesses.  He’s now a philanthropist that does nutty things like try to fly around the world in a hot air […]

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Coloring Books! Collect them all!

We have a whole selection of kooky coloring books!  Our newest is Costumed Cats, A coloring collection of great cats in history!  Color in and read about great cats in history like Napoleon Bonacat, Jackie Robinscat, Harricat Tubman and many more. Color in nature and animals in our coloring book, From the Sea to the […]

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Walcat Disney!

I just finished coloring in a page from our new coloring book, “Costumed Cats, A coloring collection of great cats in history!”.  This is Walcat Disney.  When he started working on Snow White, the first full length animated feature, everybody predicted his downfall.  But he was a visionary and didn’t listen.  The film won him […]

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Harricat Tubman, First Cat on US Currency!

When I was doing the research and drawings for our new coloring book, “Costumed Cats, A coloring collection of great cats in history!” I had no idea that while I was drawing and writing about the heroic life of Harricat Tubman, the powers that be at the US Treasury were planning to put her on […]

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Chicken Conversations Painting #1!

I’ve been so into painting lately so I can get my ideas out quickly and have time to do my Sunde White Industries stuff.  After meeting my sister’s chickens, I just think they’re really funny and weird and cool painting subjects.  I’ve done two of these Chicken Conversations.  www.sundewhiteindustries.com #chickens #chickenart

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Shelters Now Offering Gifted and Talented Pets!!!

When my sister Saill adopted Sir Lancelot Buttercup at her local shelter she didn’t notice the word “Tinkerer” written in Sharpie underneath his name.  She just fell in love with his personality.  But immediately after he settled in Saill came home to her old radio disassembled and Sir Lancelot batting around the pieces. “Lancelot! You […]

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Professors Jasmine and ReRe Offering Summer Classes!

The professors are now accepting applications for their summer session.  They will be offering the following classes: “Pooping Indoors, it’s not just for rainy days.” And, “Commandering the Couch”.  Also, “Strategic Napping, More Places, More Often” and finally, they will be offering a new class in cooperation with Whiskers the cat called “Pee Blame, No […]

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For the Love of Lemmy

Some people’s cats are anti social, closet hiding paranoids.  If you visit their houses you will never see their cat.  These people claim that their cats are soooo sweet and soooooo fun.  “You should see them play with their feather toy!”  they exclaim.  But the truth is, I will never see them play with their […]

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Sketch Paintings

I have a lot of ideas of I want to get out of my sketch book but I don’t always have a lot of time to do anything other than my greeting cards and coloring books which are much more detailed.  But last year I just felt like painting and I’m excited about it because […]

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What’s My Sister Saill Up to? #4:Cow Shaming!

Can a human please go to Petaluma and visit my sister?  At this very moment she is putting together cow shaming signs for each and every one of these cows, especially the black one, Bossy.  Feverishly constructing clear, grammatically correct sentences, on cardboard she recycled from a refrigerator box that she scavenged from the behind […]

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Jasmine the Pitbull Can’t Walk on Snow!

We’re back from Tahoe and Jasmine ( who has inspired quite a few of my cards with her cuteness)  is still sleeping this hike off.  Her big body and skinny little legs just aren’t a good fit for deep snow.  She got up to the top but the hike back down proved too much for […]

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Hello! Get an inside look into my coloring book Dinosaurs vs. Machines! Six epic battles are described on each page.  The one on the cover is the Spinosaurs battling the Giant Robot.  Who will be victorious?

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What’s My Sister Saill Up To? (Installment #1)

Intro to Saill at the ranch: A few months ago my sister Saill moved from an apartment in San Jose out to a small ranch in Petaluma.  Ever since then she’s sent me texts of her doing various kooky, brave, earth saving, macho and ranch like things that have inspired and frightened me. Here are […]

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Super Rich!!

Just finished this book by Russel Simmons who is super rich, but not just financially. This book focuses on yoga principles like finding patience, generosity and doing what you love to find wealth in all facets of your life. As you can see from this photo you can get it at your local library.

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Bad Pet Birthday

Our new cards are coming out next week and here’s one of them!! Also, I’m thrilled because we are going to have little notepads too. I’ll post a photo of those next week. PS that’s a french bull dog not a pig.

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Featured Card of the Future!!!!

In honor of October I’ve chosen our Feliz Dia de Los Muertos card. It’s not available yet but will be next spring. This is our second card en espanol. My Feliz Cumpleanos card is hot off the press and will be available for purchase by next week. Espanol es muy bueno!!

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Dee Dee’s Fashion Gallery

www.www.sundewhiteindustries.com/ Yes, I am one of those people that dresses up my dog…But she has thin fur and cold and rainy weather is hard for her and bows make people think she’s friendly and so do t-shirts….I still seem crazy.

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Um…ya, that was a shark

www.www.sundewhiteindustries.com/ Our Bay Area summer is finally here.  Well, it was at the begining of the week.  90 degrees in the city!  So of course, for this rare occassion,  I gave myself a staycation and canceled all of my responsibilities from Monday to Wednesday and just surfed the whole time. The first spot I surfed […]

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Powder Report

I’d like to welcome an awesome addition to our blog. The Powder Report! Our sponsored rider, Storn White, will be giving us all his back country split boarding(a snowboard that can split into skis to get up the mountain then snow board down) reports. But Sunde, it’s summer time!! I know but you can find […]

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Notes from the California Gift Show

Well we’re back from the tradeshow in L.A. after surviving driving through the Central Valley twice with no AC. (See my very first blog post to see why we have no AC.) Thank you to everyone who stopped in and were so positive about our cards. The show was made very fun by our great […]

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Women’s Tennis is Boring Now

Tennis has a history of amazing women champions and matches that had you on the edge of your seat. Martina Navratalova, Chris Evert, Steffi Graff, Martina Hingis, The Williams Sisters, Henin, Clijsters and Mauresmo–to name a few. The late nineties and early 2000’s was an awesome time for women’s tennis and kind of a boring […]

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Our Retail Site is Open for Business!!

Thanks to my amazing website person, Saill,(http://saillwhite.com) our website is ready for retail! Yay! Boxed cards, stationery that folds into envelopes and single cards are all available. I want to come out with some pie love and funky animal/nature/machine t-shirts by the end of the year.

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Federer at Wimbledon

I have two heros, Roger Federer and Howard Stern. But they’re so different from eachother, you say, what do they have in common to both be your heros? Well, they both inspire me because they are two naturally firey people who have harnessed their powers to become the greatest in their fields. Exucuse me, I […]

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Injured Sparrow in my Backyard

I found this sparrow in my backyard. It had been injured by a cat and was totally freaked out. I put it in a box and brought it to Wild Care in San Rafael. This place is so amazing. They’ll take any injured animal no matter how small or big. People should stop in there […]

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Our Long, Long, Long Trip to NYC or I Heart Iowa

After 6000 miles driven, two snow storms ( one each way!!) in Wyoming, endless bickering after caffeine and sugar crashes, a bored dog feigning intestinal discontent just to get us to stop the car and one breakdown in Iowa, Britt, Dee Dee and I have arrived home safely from The National Stationery Show in New […]

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