City of Pacifica: Stoking the Apocalypse Paranoia!


An Open Letter:

Totally Normal


Dear City of Pacifica,

I was wondering if you could please not do an extra long and louder than usual emergency alarm test siren the day after the President threatens earth with nuclear war in a snarky tweet.   I have experienced your weekly emergency siren test many times over the years.  It is usually loud enough to be heard clearly from a couple miles away and only lasts a few seconds.  But yesterday, when it went off while I was surfing,  it was so loud that it vibrated my bones…and I was wearing ear plugs and a wetsuit hood!  All of my fellow surfers had to sit up on their boards and cover their ears.  And it didn’t stop after a few seconds.  It went on for such an alarmingly long time that I actually had time to regret not arranging with my husband a “nuclear holocaust plan”.  If you could just go back to the good old days of the 4 second, mildly loud test siren, that would be great.



A Freaked Out West Coast Citizen



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