Come Home Lily!!!

Grey Parrot with pink feathers named Lily lost in Pacifica


So I’ve noticed over the past 15 years or so that whenever I draw an animal, that animal shows up in real life within a few days. Just last week I painted a lone harbor seal and the next day I saw a lone harbor seal watching my dogs from the shore break.  I have a lot more examples that involve much more rare animals like the time I painted a mountain lion in the snow and then saw a mountain lion in the snow in Tahoe.  Or when I finished painting a certain type of moth that had cool markings that I had never seen before in real life and then saw it hiking that week!

It’s a weird form of manifestation that I think anyone can do but I just draw a lot so I’ve noticed it happening more than the average person.  I’ll probably write a future essay about how to manifest life’s dreams through drawing but for now I’m writing this to get Lily home.

On April 1st, Brigitte lost her beloved African Grey Parrot named Lily.  Lily flew off to see the world, I guess, leaving her family devastated.  She was last seen in Pacifica, flying across the golf course towards the ocean.  I adore grey parrots.  They are so smart and funny and cool that I figured it couldn’t hurt to try to do a drawing manifestation and then amplify the message the good old fashioned way…on my blog and social media!

So I drew a portrait of Lily and gave it to her owner, Brigitte.  Now I’m asking all of you that live in or around Pacifica to please look out for an African Grey Parrot that has some pink feathers.  She won’t necessarily be hanging out in a cypress tree, maybe she was brought to a rescue and adopted out since she didn’t have one of those bracelet thingys on.

Has someone you know recently adopted an African Grey with pink feathers?  Have you seen a neighbor suddenly hanging out with one?  Have you brought a Grey Parrot to the ACC?  That parrot might be Lily! Have you seen a rogue Grey Parrot hanging out in the wild somewhere?  Please please please keep your eyes, ears and manifestation portals in your brains open so we can get Lily home!

Thank  you!!

PS-Please email or call me if you have met any Grey Parrots recently.