Crow vs. Seagull: Battle of the Beach!

With crows standing up to 21 inches high and weighing about a pound with a wingspan between 35-40 inches, a sharp beak and wily intelligence, I always figured a crow would be a sure winner over the seagull in a beach battle.  But this week I saw an actual seagull vs. crow battle take place over a rotten chicken carcass on Ocean Beach and my mind was changed.

Why was there a chicken carcass on a public beach?  I don’t know!   But the three crows chomping away on it were totally loving it.  Suddenly a seagull swooped down and landed right in the middle of them like a boss and started flexing at the crows and helping himself to their carcass.  The crows immediately backed off and, deflated, watched as the gull enjoyed their lunch.

There was one crow that just couldn’t take it anymore and tried to drag the carcass away from the seagull but was immediately shut down by the much larger gull.  Standing a head higher, weighing a pound heavier and with a wingspan of 56 inches, the seagull won the beach battle easily.  The crows could only stand there watching their nemesis revel in his victory.

The boss of the beach!


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