Dotty Rates Her Chewies!!!

Dotty describes her favorite chews, Yakety Yak Himilayan Yak Cheese

Dotty loves to chew everything!!!

  1. Yaketey Yak Chews


I grabbed these out of desperation to keep baby Dotty quiet in my shop and they were, are and will forever be her very favorite chewy.  They are hardened Yak Cheese which is weird and crazy.  Also I thought they might be diarrhea inducing since it’s kind of a dairy product, but they don’t at all.  I use this brand because it’s the cheapest and most natural. Dotty says, “Ten out of Ten, the best!!”


  1. Hooves


These are fine, great, consistent go-to that cause no mess and only smell a little gluey but Dotty gets bored of them.  Dotty says, “8 out of 10, I like them okay, what are we talking about I forgot??”


  1. Butchered Bone


Dotty is obsessed with real bones with marrow in them.  They would be her one hundred percent favorite but ReeRee starts to get really obsessive about aLl tHE BoNEs(!!!!!) when she is chewing one even if ReeRee also has one so Dotty has to take a point off for the stress they cause in the household.

Dotty says, “ I love bones best but they make my Sissy mad at me!”


4.Reindeer Antler


These are nice and dry, non messy chews that are convenient for that reason.  Dotty always gets hyped when she first gets them and then they just lay there for weeks until she remembers them, gets hyped for 20 minutes and then walks off.  Dotty says, “I like them, then I don’t, IDK”


  1. Peanut Butter Himalayan Yak Cheese


Dotty was obsessed with these and then immediately had two days straight of diarrhea.  Do not buy these!!! Dotty says, “These made my butt hurt!”


6.Empty Dairy Containers From The Trash


This is double fun because Dotty gets to adventure into the trash and have something to destroy on the living room carpet.  She loves this process but they are short lived excitement for her.  Dotty says, “I love eating trash!”


7.Dog Food Cans


Digging these out of the trash is super fun too. Dotty enjoys these, pulls the label off and then begins chewing the actual metal which means these last about two seconds before they are pulled from her grip.  Dotty says, “My mom steals these from me!”

Dotty’s favorite chewey!!!