Dotty Rates Poop!

Sunde White illustrates an essay about her puppy Dotty eating poop

It’s True!!

Sunde White illustrates her essay about her puppy eating poop

Our new puppy Dotty thinks poop is a delicious delicacy–so nuanced, so varied.  I am writing this on her behalf based on her expressions of delight, stubborn insistence or indifference about eating each type of poop.  I would like to take this moment to brag that she doesn’t eat her own poop or ReeRee’s so that makes us very proud!  Here are some of her favorites!  Bon Appetit Dotty!

1.Coyote Poop:

This is by far her favorite.  The gaminess and wild allure makes her feel one with nature and inspires her to think that perhaps one day she could hunt and eat a rabbit and then poop it out.  The mouth feel of the prey’s fur is an extra bonus.

Five Stars!!!

2.Fresh Horse Poop:

It’s not coyote poop but it’s still outstanding! The grassiness is refreshing and enticing but Dotty admits that it can be a little one note.  The pure abundance of it however makes up for any lack of flavor complexity.  Roll in it for bonus experience!

4 1/2 Stars!!!

 3. Old Horse Poop:

Dried out horse poop is okay if there’s nothing else even though it’s basically hay, still excellent for rolling in though.  Dotty enjoys hiding a bite in her mouth while mom screams OFF!!!!! She thinks it’s nice how it rehydrates in her mouth but someone always pries it out of her mouth so she can never really get the full hydration experience.

3 Stars!

  1. Mysterious Rodent Poop:

Nah, boring, who cares?  Tiny little round balls of poop don’t really interest her.  She walks right on by these.

0 Stars!!!!

  1. Back Yard Poop Shovel:

Dotty admits that sometimes in the middle of night when she decides she has to go in the backyard to look for raccoons she has been tempted to enjoy a tiny taste of poop off of the poop shovel.  This totally freaks us out but she’s like, “If it tastes so right, how could it be wrong??”

3 Stars!!!