Federer at Wimbledon

I have two heros, Roger Federer and Howard Stern. But they’re so different from eachother, you say, what do they have in common to both be your heros? Well, they both inspire me because they are two naturally firey people who have harnessed their powers to become the greatest in their fields. Exucuse me, I meant, the greatest ever in their fields. Through their most difficult moments they stay calm and fight through them to come out victorious.
Federer proved what a champion he is again today in the opening match of Wimbledon. I was watching it casually today assuming it would be a quick 3 set match against the Columbian, Falla. Well, it was almost a quick three set matchwin but for Falla not Federer. It was 5-7 in the first then 4-6 in the second. I couldn’t watch the third set when Falla went up a break.
It was looking really bad for Federer. Then he broke back and won the third set 6-4. Falla kept calling on the trainer so I think he had leg cramps or some kind of difficulty. His serve began to suffer a bit so Roger won the fourth set’s tie break 7 to 1.
That really took the wind out of Falla’s sails to work that hard and be that close and then get spanked in the tie break so badly. He lost the fifth set 6-0.


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