Getting To Know Our Domestic Terrorists

sunde white illustrates her essay about domestic terrorists


So I guess the time has come for us to learn about the Domestic Terrorists that have become America’s greatest threat.  The US Government and Law Enforcement Agencies have generally ignored these groups and made them seem okay by naming them “militias” which suggests some kind of Constitutional righteousness.  But these “militia” groups aren’t patriots trying to live their best lives just enjoying their 2nd amendment rights.  These are well trained groups of White Supremacist, anti government, conspiracy theory gun nuts that are looking to instigate a race war in order to destroy our diverse America and build it back into an Aryan Nation.  Everyone that watched the insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6th could see them for themselves, they were all there, identifiable by the patches their wives or girlfriends or moms probably sewed onto their fake army fatigues.

From here on out I won’t refer to these groups as “militias”.  They are Domestic Terrorists, White Supremacist Domestic Terrorists to be exact.  They are responsible for almost 70% of all terror attacks that occurred in 2020.  Some of their violent highlights this year were plotting to kidnap and murder the Governor of Michigan, the murders of law enforcement officers in California and storming the capitol in order to take over the US government by murdering the 3 people in line to the presidency before the vote was certified and killing a police officer in their insurgency attempt.

This is a lot to take in if you aren’t like me and haven’t been sleepless every night for the past 4 years going down the right wing rabbit holes until dawn, so let me give you a quick summary.  There have been groups of anti government terrorists that are part of the “Patriot Movement” for quite some time.  Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City Bomber, and a US veteran, was one.

Their numbers had been going down until America voted in its first black president in 2008.  Surprise, surprise a bunch of fragile white racists totally freaked out and immediately started forming a bunch of anti-government, pro gun, fake militia terrorist groups so they could try to tear apart America with a race war and rebuild it like how it was a hundred years ago where white guys could do whatever they wanted with no consequences.  These groups rely heavily on conspiracy theories and misinformation to build their followings and spread their hate.  Here are the top five Domestic Terrorist groups to be aware of.

  1. The Base: A Neo-Nazi Terror Group

This group is mainly online and then they meet to do training exercises every once in a while on isolated land the leader bought in the forests of Washington State.  They target Jewish people and African Americans and are working to collapse the US Government through terrorism so that White Supremacists like themselves can seize power.  They have been responsible for vandalizing synagogues and plotting to commit murder but I also bet there are unbearable assholes generally.

  1. Boogaloo Boys: A Far Right, Anti-Government, White Supremacist, Pro-Gun, Anti-Law Enforcement Terrorist Group.

Don’t be fooled by their silly name and their uniform of Hawaiian shirts and their kooky igloo flag.  These guys are total dicks that unsuccessfully plotted the kidnapping and murder of Gretchen “Big Gretch” Whitmer, the Governor of Michigan along with planning to kill Highway Patrol officers and Police as part of their kidnapping plan.  Also, two of their members killed Law Enforcement Officers in California this year.  Even though these groups love to talk about “backing the blue” they will kill law enforcement in order to achieve their bigger terrorism goals.  Police represent government laws that stand in the Boogaloo Boys’ way of creating a second Civil War.  The weird thing is, is that this group does attract veterans, active military and law enforcement.

Their philosophy? The modern US Government is similar to that of the British when we were its colony in the 1700’s.  They want to overthrow the US Government to establish their own white nation.  They use the term Electric Boogaloo as a code word for second Civil War.

  1. The 3 Percenters: Far Right, Anti-Government, Pro-Gun Rights Terrorist Group

These over grown brats also feel like the modern US Government is equivalent to the tyrannical British Government of the 1700’s.  Their name comes from the false claim that only 3% of American colonists participated in over throwing the British Government.  Now they think they are the new 3% willing to overthrow the US Government.

They have some active military and veterans in their group that are required to take an oath to promise to disobey orders that they disagree with like disarming Americans.

  1. The Oath Keepers: Radical Anti-Government, Right Wing, Gun Nut Group Made Up Of Almost Entirely Active Military, Law Enforcement and Veterans

This is one of the largest Domestic Terrorist Groups in America, consisting of around 30,000 people.  Their motto is “Not On Our Watch!” They believe in the conspiracy theory that the US Government will at any moment institute Martial Law, guns will be seized and resisters will be placed in concentration camps.  Then America will be forced into the “New World Order” where our government turns socialist.

They are trying to locally expand “militia” terrorist groups and try to intimidate local government issues under the guise of protecting citizens against the government.

They get involved in disputes between government and citizens when the citizens have been using government land illegally for things like mining or grazing.  They were involved in the Bundy Family stand off in Nevada over the Bundys refusing to pay the government for grazing their cows on US land.  It’s almost like they think no laws or land rights should apply to them and they should just take whatever they want.

  1. Proud Boys: Men Only Woman Hating Thug Club That Are White Supremacists That Oppose Left Wing and Progressive Groups.

These goons are the new Neo-Nazis.  They realized if they got good haircuts and dressed like Wall Street guys they could convert a lot more racist white guys to their ranks without the usual shame of looking like an actual Nazi.  Very “get more bees with honey” type of philosophy.

These guys are just total goons that absolutely hate women.  There are actually black and brown men in this group because their overriding principal is the hatred of women and feminism.  They believe men are under siege.

But don’t get me wrong, they also hate black people, immigrants, Jewish people, and anyone that’s not a complete right wing fascist.

Weird fact, this group was founded by the co-founder of Vice Media.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has called them an “alt right fight club”.  They organized the Charlottesville Unite The Right Rally where one counter protestor was run over and killed and many more were injured.

Their stupid loyalty oath is, ”I’m a proud Western chauvinist, I refuse to apologize for creating the modern world.”

Anytime you see groups of guys in protests wearing black and yellow and beating the shit out of people, that’s them.

  1. Q Anon Conspiracy Theorists: Trump Supporting Cult Members

These people have been radicalized through isolation and too much screen time.  They believe the conspiracy theory that a cabal made up of prominent Democrats and Hollywood stars are Satan worshiping cannibals that are running a global sex trafficking ring and plotting against Trump who is trying to stop the cabal.  Russian State media amplifies this conspiracy.

Three newly elected Congress people believe in Q Anon.  They are Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Madison Cawthorn.

The FBI calls the followers of Q Anon a Domestic Terrorism threat.

So those are the main groups of Domestic Terrorists but I’m sure they are changing and growing all the time.  I’m not an expert but the main vibe I get from these groups is that they are big, spoiled babies that don’t want anyone to tell them what to do, period.  Rules and laws just shouldn’t apply to them and they can’t stand that anyone can tell them what to do.  They blame all their problems on black people, women, immigrants, LGBTQ people and Democrats.

The FBI has almost no rules in place to deal with these assholes and they haven’t taken them seriously at all and now a coup has occurred in our capitol because of it.  New laws need to be put in place to handle these terrorists or else our Federal and local governments will continue to be held hostage by them.

They need to be named, shamed and arrested.  Law enforcement needs to do a cleansing of their ranks, and fire any officer or official that is found to be a terrorist group member.  We need a zero tolerance policy.  Employers need to make it clear that any employee found to be a member of these groups will be fired.  The military, especially, needs to create new protocols to prevent veterans from being radicalized into these groups.

We can get through this but it’s going to take all of us being honest about what we have put up with or excused in the past.