Hallmark Holiday Movie Board Game!!

Print out your game here! https://mailchi.mp/4002daf5d91c/a-calculating-parrot-e-pluribus-unum-join-the-sticker-club-and-i-still-love-you-california-5078758

sunde white created a hallmark channel holiday movie boardgame

You’ve watched the movies, now play the game!!!

sunde white illustrated a hallmark channel Holiday movie board game

Print out, put together and play!

Make this game!!

I have literally watched all the Hallmark Holiday movies ever made and now I’m putting my years of knowledge to good use.  I’ve put together this board game for you to build, color in, and then play!  This board game will either spare you hours of Hallmark Movie watching, or allow you to go down the rabbit hole of Hallmark movies further than you ever have before.  Either way I totally support you.

sunde white game poieces for her Hallmark Holiday Movie board game

Hallmark character game pieces!

I have painstakingly memorized and documented most of the Hallmark movie characters and plots so you don’t have to.  I have included some of the greatest hits like Lonely Party Planner!  Orphaned Real Estate Tycoon! Veteran That Opens a Bakery!

sunde white illustrated crds for her hallmark channel board game

The holiday plots thicken!

My game cards include exciting and devastating plot twists like, Vintage Red Ford Truck Breaks Down! and Your Boyfriend Is Actually A Prince! or my favorite, The Magical Carousel Took You Back In Time Against Your Will!

I know 2020 Christmas is weird and sad and hard and lonely so print out this board game, settle in for the day and achieve your dream Christmas through the spirit of this board game.  Here is the link to print out all the pages! https://mailchi.mp/4002daf5d91c/a-calculating-parrot-e-pluribus-unum-join-the-sticker-club-and-i-still-love-you-california-5078758

Love you guys!  Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!