I’m proud of American Democracy but I still can’t stop crying.

Statue of Liberty is in shock too

Statue of Liberty is in shock too

Update!! (Um, okay, I wrote this a few days after the election where I was trying to suck it up and be a good American.  But now that Hillary is up by almost 3 million votes I’m like, enough with the Electoral College.  Read on if you want but I take it all back.)

  Well it happened.  The unthinkable.  Donald Trump is going to be president.  But this is the beauty of America.  The people are truly in charge of their destiny and that is what the Forefathers wanted.  “But Hillary won the popular vote!” I know, I know.  But let’s hold on a second before we get into getting rid of the electoral college and here’s why.

Highschool government teachers claim it’s because the Forefathers didn’t totally trust Americans to make wise choices.  But I think it’s because they knew that if they didn’t give each state importance then states with fewer urban centers would be left out.  Even back then they had rural areas and cities. And even back then most of the cities were near large bodies of water or on the coast just as they are now.  Picture a new world of no electoral college.  California, and all other coastal states would become swing states, visited and revisited by candidates.  The smallest population centers would be totally ignored and the president would probably almost always be a Democrat.

As a Democrat that sounds pretty awesome to me.  But hold on.  The only way we’re going to survive is to have all Americans recognized and heard.  A healthy democracy is one where all feel represented and there is an exchange of ideas so a happy middle ground can be found.  This election proves that.  When people don’t feel heard or empathized with they get angry and when they get angry they throw tantrums and pull the lever for a racist, entitled, sexual predator that could very well be a Manchurian Candidate.

The electoral college insures that each party works in the best interest of all areas of the country and pays attention to what all Americans are communicating to them.  And if we don’t do that then yes, Americans in Arizona, Ohio and Iowa will decide who the president is and that’s okay.  That’s the American way and what our Forefathers would have wanted.  And I think they would have wanted each political party to work hard to include the needs of as many Americans as they can. This nutty election has proven to me that, no matter how much I hate the result, it’s what makes America great.  Because yes Donald, America is already great.



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