Is It Me???


It’s been a difficult few months for me for a bunch of reasons that I think I’ll get into as time goes on but for now I’m looking for some input from anyone who feels they grew up in a fairly stable and loving household that helped form them into a stable and kind adult.

Sometimes I feel like because I had a weird and difficult childhood and left home at a young age, that I will always, no matter how hard I work on myself, attract crazy, sociopathic, spiritual vampires to me.  And no matter how well I enact my avoidance method of Identify, Evade and Escape, I can’t quite shake these vampires showing up over and over again in my life.

I understand that I am the common denominator in this situation so I must look at myself clearly and honestly.  The truth is, I am scared that my childhood has implanted itself into my psychic subconscious so that I call these types of people to me the same way Carol Anne called evil spirits to her in the movie Poltergeist.

So I’m just wondering if this happens to people that are from more stable homes because I can’t figure out if maybe I’m hyper sensitive to these vampires or do even normal, regular, nice, loving, well adjusted people find themselves fending off spiritual vampires in their lives too?

Please feel free to let me know your personal experiences with soul sucking ghouls so I can feel better about my psychic energy. Thank you!



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