Jasmine’s Baby

Sunde White illustrates her essay about adopting her second pitbull because her first dog loved her so much

Dis My Baby

When we first got ReeRee we thought we were just going to foster her.  We immediately started searching for a new home for her because we thought having two large dogs in an apartment would be impossible.

Our dog Jasmine loved her but two dogs, two pitbulls in a city apartment? No way.  Yes, Jasmine became a different dog with ReeRee around. She became carefree and brave and came out of her shell.  But still, absolutely not.  I found it unfathomable.  And yes, Jasmine knew ReeRee since she was a tiny puppy with a broken leg and she adored her and let her eat her food, sleep in her bed, wouldn’t leave her side and treated her like she were her own personal baby but sorry, still no.

A few weeks later we finally found a couple with a boy dog that thought they might be interested in adopting her.  We drove the girls out to the parkland where the meeting was going to take place.  Jasmine waited in the truck while ReeRee walked off with us to meet her potential new family. I glanced back at Jasmine and she had moved into the front passenger seat and was staring off at her baby worriedly.

We were gone for about an hour and a half, letting the two dogs meet and run around.  The boy dog was impatient and intense with ReeRee and we learned that the couple did not allow dogs on the couch or the bed. Britt and I knew this was not going to be a match.

When we got near to the truck, Jasmine hadn’t moved and was scanning the area searching for her baby sister.  When we opened the door and pulled her out, she totally ignored us and pulled to get to ReeRee.  She sniffed her all over like a worried hen, checking to make sure her baby was okay.  Once the sniff test checked out and she knew ReeRee was fine, she bowed down and wagged her tail like a puppy and got the zoomies, ecstatic to be reunited.   She ran around and around stopping every few seconds to bite her sister’s ears or bowl her down to wrestle.  They both hopped back into the car and immediately became one large dog pile in the back seat and fell asleep.

Britt and I looked at each other and shook our heads.  Our search for ReeRee’s family was over, she was already home.