Jasmine’s Fashion Analysis!

Safe and Stylish!

Jasmine looks adorable no matter what, obviously, but I’m going to be honest with you—she does have a tendency to over accessorize.  This is her every day out and about style.   She’s kind of a safety first type of dog so most of her outfit is for her own protection.  Like, she has one collar that has her ID on her in case she ever gets lost, one has a secure soft choke chain so she can’t slip out of her leash when she’s having a panic attack out in the world.  She wears a comfortable harness that is a stylish hot pink that doubles as a seat belt and a comfies way to have a leash hooked on to her.  Yes, she wears a shoe, about two years ago she cut her foot on some glass on the beach and we’ve had a heck of a time getting it to heal so now she keeps a shoe on it.  The part of her outfit that I find so charming are her big pink ribbons.  I put these on her so her big pitbull self is less intimidating to people on the street.  It works!  When she doesn’t have them on people stay away from her but when she wears them they walk right up and start asking what kind of dog she is.  She adores meeting new people so I love how much her ribbons help her to do that.


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