Let Them Eat See’s!

Sunde White owner of Sunde White Industries, http://www.sundewhiteindustries.com writes an essay about loving See's candy

Bordeaux, Toffee, Maple(aka Butterscotch Square), Caramel

It’s my favorite time of year…See’s candy season!  I’ve been obsessed with See’s ever since the first time I can remember my dad bringing home an assorted box during Christmas time for each of the six kids to share.  Each of us were allowed one piece of candy a night at the end of dinner.

We’d stare into the double decker box all day, making a plan for which piece we would choose for the night.  We treated See’s candy selection like it was a chess match. I would spend all day strategizing.  If brother #1 chooses my first choice of the milk chocolate caramel with peanuts then I would have to pivot to a molasses chip.  If sister #3 chose the molasses chip then I’d have to pick myself up, dust myself off and move on to salty milk chocolate toffee or cherry caramel.  After a few days of this, with all the good pieces chosen, I’d be left picking through dark chocolate peanut or almond clusters.  Sigh.

I’m not even mentioning the otherworldly perfect Bordeaux because why should I?  It was the rarest of experiences for me.  Unbearably good, with its creamy brown sugar flavored filling with notes of maple and coffee.  Its sprinkles, which I would lick off my hand afterwards,  acted as the candy’s dessert.  As the youngest, I had the last pick of the box which means I only got a hold of one of these by a severe miscalculation or lack of concentration on the part of one of my siblings.

So, now as an adult, one of my greatest freedoms is the ability to go buy a custom box of chocolates.  The following is my selection which is very heavy on Bordeauxs, obviously. Please note two things.  I include Butterscotch Squares only because they are Britt’s favorite and that also Britt (and probably most of you) call Butterscotch Squares “maples” because they taste and crumble apart delicately like chocolate covered maple sugar candy. For accuracy I am using the correct name.

My selection for a 1 pound box:

Bordeauxs-3 rows, 4 if your skipping extra row of Butterscotch squares

Butterscotch Squares (“maples”)-1 row, 2 if you’re a fan.

1 row of milk chocolate caramels

1 row of milk chocolate toffees

Obviously this is the correct custom box selection but I understand if you need to make other choices for your family.

Also, if you don’t want your kids to grow into adults that are obsessed with sugary treats and seasonal candy let them eat SEE’S!

Happy Holidays!