Let’s Celebrate Winter Solstice Like Pagan Witches!

sunde white illustrates her essay about celebrating winter solstice like pagan witches

Welp, the days are getting shorter and darker…and colder.  This can feel very sad and endless but please remember that nature is resting and restoring and that means you should too.  It is in the darkest times that you find your deepest powers that you didn’t even know you had. Therefore, from the coldest winter you can emerge rested and more powerful than ever before.  So get nice and cozy, eat warming meals, make sure you get your exercise to keep your brain stabilized and let’s get ready to celebrate the shortest day of the year.

This year’s Winter Solstice is on December 21st at 7:27 pm.  Here are some witchy suggestions of ways to celebrate and bring in all the goodness that you deserve in the New Year!

  1. Fluff Your Aura With a Winter Bough!

First, make the winter bough.  Gather a few winter branches or pine boughs from a tree and make them as pretty as you want with some ribbon and berries or just keep them simple with no adornment.

The goal of this activity is to revitalize people’s energy field or to “fluff their aura” and smooth it back down.  I learned this from a fellow bartender years ago.  Anytime we were feeling bummed or  toxified from a customer we’d  fluff each other’s auras and I can’t tell you how it shifts your energy  and makes you feel light, loved and energetic.  I know this sounds crazy but don’t knock it till you try it.

You can do this to yourself but it’s best with a partner.  Start at your partner’s feet and with the bough, near the body but not touching it, begin stirring up the energy around them from head to toe.  If you concentrate on it you will feel their aura begin to get fluffy like energetic cotton candy.  Continue whipping up their aura until you are a couple feet outside their body (because their aura is SO fluffy now!)  Give the bough to your partner to hold and with flat, strong hands, gently smooth down their aura.  Basically, keep in your mind’s eye,  how far out the aura is and starting at the head, smooth all around the body until you feel their aura is smooth, polished and absolutely gleaming!  Then it’s your turn!

  1. Feast With Wild Animals!

Although it feels like everyone is hibernating during this time, there are still squirrels, birds, deer and many other animals that wouldn’t mind a break from constantly scrounging.  Decorate your trees with things they love and would be so grateful to find on a cold winter’s day like apples, nuts and peanut butter pine cones.

To make a peanut butter pine cone you gather some pine cones, coat them with peanut butter then roll them in bird seed then hang them by a string for the squirrels and birds to enjoy!

  1. Burn Your Embarrassment

On a piece of paper write down anything cringey, defeating, sad, shameful, bad or anything else negative that happened to you this year and Set. That. Shit. On. Fire.  Burn it out of existence. As you watch it burn, remind yourself that surviving all the negative experiences will make you burn brighter in life.  Convert the negative experiences into fuel for that fire.

4.Tell The Trees Your Dreams

On pretty paper write down all your hopes and dreams for the coming year and hang them all over your chosen tree (or houseplant if you don’t have a tree). Let the wind in the tree whisper your dreams to the universe.

  1. Create Colorful Light and Speak To The Universe!

Decoupage candles:

Grab a few cylindrical candles that often will have a Virgin de Guadalupe on them but get some with nothing on them.  Sometimes they come in different colors, if you like that then go for it.  Get some tissue paper and either tear or cut it into different shapes.  Take a decoupage glue like Mod Podge and apply the tissue paper all over the outside of the candle in any way that suits you.


Place the colorful lanterns in a circle and step into the middle. Read this poem or any other piece that inspires you.

The days right now are short and dark

But soon the sun will rise and spark

For now I offer us food and light

Until the end of nature’s long night.

When all the good things that I visualize

Come as the sunshine sneaks back and warms the skies


Happy Winter Solstice everyone!!!