Neosporin is Life!

Neosporin feels like rainbows


                ***I am not a doctor!  This is not medical advice, just my personal life experience!  Please just go to a doctor, thanks!***


I didn’t have health insurance for about twelve years.  During this time I tried to eat right, exercise and prayed I wouldn’t get into an accident.  I became really good at all sorts of home cures for what ailed me.  Medical problems that normal people would go to a doctor for I’d be like, “Where’s my Neosporin?”

Here’s all the health problems I cured with this wonderful ointment.

Eye Infections including pink eye, scratched corneas and styes: Dab on tear duct before bed.  If it’s a sty, steam first with a hot, damp towel.

Ingrown Toenail: Disinfect needle by heating it till it’s red in gas oven flame, cooling with water.  Slide needle between cuticle and nail (this will not hurt) to open it up and release puss.  Smother with Neosporin and cover with bandaid.

Boil: Dab on cleaned boil or zit before bed.

Earache: Blow hot air directly into air canal with hair dryer for a minute or two.  Very gently swab ear canal with Neosporin.  Lay on your side and drop 7 or 8 drops of rubbing alcohol into the ear so it mixes with Neosporin, stay horizontal for a few minutes.

Fresh Tattoo that starts to hurt: Cover in Neosporin and wrap with Saran Wrap.

Itchy Butt: You probably have an infected micro fissure from eating too much cheesy pizza.  Clean it and smother in Neosporin.

Sensitive/Infected earring hole: Dab Neosporin on front and back of ear and insert post of earring into tube so it’s covered and insert into ear hole.

Cuts: Duh, dab Neosporin and cover with a Band Aid.

Splinter: Smother with Neosporin and cover with Band Aid before bed.  It will accelerate the healing and literally push out splinter as you sleep.  It will pull out easily in the morning.

There you go!  Remember, this is my own life experience.  Just because I do these things, I am in no ways suggesting for you to.  Happy healing!


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