No Regerts

Totally worth it

Sometimes I slip down the social media rabbit hole, swiping through one successful and amazing artist or designer after another.  I scroll through them all crying out, “Why them?  Why not me?  Why are they so lucky and successful and I’m not?”

Then my honest self, my adult self, answers my question.

“Well Sunde, maybe you shouldn’t have spent your entire teens, twenties and thirties surfing every possible second.”

My adult self has a point.  While those young, successful, well known artists, illustrators and designers were making connections, tweeting and instagraming,  I was floating in the ocean, staring at the horizon.  While they were doing events and building their brand, I was working low responsibility jobs so I could surf every day.

“You deserve to have only 130 followers and a spotty income.”  My adult self tells me.

I nod and rub my temple where a stress migraine is forming.

“I know.”  I say back to my adult self.

But when my adult self gives me a self satisfied smile and walks away, a tiny voice rises up inside of me and whispers, “ I don’t regret a minute of it.”


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