No Toilet, No Problem!

I’m wearing dirty yoga pants!

So my cheap landlord hired a grifting contractor that has suddenly found a thousand things that have to get done with our apartment.  The contractor decided that he needed to fix our bathroom subfloor  around our toilet even though we’ve never had our toilet leak before.  He casually informed my husband that they’d be doing work in our bathroom for a few days so we wouldn’t have a toilet, but it’s cool because we can use the port-o-potty he set up on our driveway.

Ya, that totally happened.  We could just use the port-o-potty for a couple of days.  Luckily Britt handled it and was like, well then the landlord is going to have to pay for us to stay somewhere else until the work is done.  The contractor decided the subfloor was fine.

I drew a sketch of what I imagined my life at 3am would be like for the next couple of days with no toilet if Britt hadn’t stepped in.  The owl is fictitious but the aggressive raccoon and the rats are totally real.


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