Ollie, You Will Be Missed

Delicious Stairway to Heaven

Welp, Ollie the dog has taken the Hamburger Hot Rod Express up to heaven and we will all miss him terribly.  I only got to know Ollie when he was a bit older.  He visited us one Christmas when his family went away for the holidays.  I had never met such a confident dog.  He made it clear that he wanted absolutely no nonsense.  He let us know he did not like other dogs, loved to eat everything that he was offered and would do what he wanted, when he wanted, where ever he wanted.

Jasmine was terrified of him, but she played it just right.  She kept a ten foot radius around him at all times.  She would not look directly at him and she followed his rules.  By the end of his first visit, Jasmine had charmed Ollie into being his first dog friend and Ollie’s confidence had rubbed off on insecure Jasmine.  With Ollie by her side she would march down the street bravely and bound out of the car at the beach, no longer over come with fear.  They were the best of friends forever after and spent many days together going to the beach, to the mountains and just rolling around town.

Ollie was a good boy that loved his family and patiently endured me fawning over him and incessantly pampering him no matter how much he ignored or resisted me.  I celebrated if he even acknowledged me with a tiny lick of the hand or some fleeting eye contact.  But I didn’t care.  Ollie was special in his absolute self assuredness and not giving a fuckery.  I think that is always to be admired.

When he was young, before I knew him, he loved skateboarding with his dad, swimming and chewing on rocks at the beach.  Even into his later years he adored chasing raccoons and the mailman like the boss that he was.

But no dog, not even Ollie, is powerful enough to overcome the passage of time.  His joints became swollen and sore trying to support his big frame.  It became difficult for him to get up by himself and the last time I visited him he would not get off his bed to greet me and instead only laid his head in my lap for pets when I sat with him.

After 17 ½ years, he left earth peacefully on Tuesday and I hope that my girl Dee Dee, whom he had never met, was waiting to greet him.  I think she would know that we would want him to have another dog friend to run free with again.

The best guy

So dapper!



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