Pitbull Powers Activate!

Big head, big heart

Pitbulls were once known as the Nanny Dog and the dog of the working class people.  It was the most common type of dog in America.  The pitbull’s warm and sensitive nature and interest in pleasing their owner is why they are beloved pets but it is also why they are taken advantage of by the most sociopathic in society.

They  are physically powerful and when terrified with enough abuse they will either cower and freeze or lash out in self defense.  In the dark world of dog fighting, the ones that freeze are used as bait dogs, torn to pieces– and the ones that lash out become fighters.  The fighters are equally as traumatized as the bait dogs.  They are tossed in a ring and fight only to save their own lives.  Once they lose a fight they will be tossed out like trash, or abused terribly by their human as punishment and then tossed out like trash.  Girl dogs are over breed again and again at too young of an age until their bodies give out.

This is the dirty history of Pitbulls in America.

This is why when people tell me when I’m walking with my big headed girls that “it’s how you raise them” I politely disagree.

“Actually it’s not how you raise them because many of these dogs are terribly abused and they still have only love to give to people and the world’s creatures.” I tell them, not caring that I’m lecturing.  “They’re glorious trauma survivors!”  I tell them.

And it’s true.  Pitbulls have a super power.  No matter their history and the scars that have built up on their big, sturdy hearts, they have the ability to shine their gigantic love on all that meet them.  Their broken hearts give them the empathy to heal other’s broken hearts.

No one can escape the power of a pitbull’s love.  They wiggle and wag their way into people’s homes and the people wonder, “How did I ever not have a pitbull???”  This is what happened with my sister this year.  First with Frankie and then last weekend Saill was fostering Mindy from the shelter and good ol’ Mindy shined her light all over the place and now she’s there for good.  Pitbull Powers Activated!!!

Welcome home Mindy!

Mindy on the left, Frankie on the right


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