How Many Pounds Is A Whale Poop?


Because my dog ReRe is an innovative go getter she made the decision early on that when she has to poop at the beach it’s best to wade knee deep into the ocean and let the waves immediately dissolve and wash away any evidence of it.  This makes people furious.  They like to lecture me about how my dog is polluting the ocean with her poop.  I guess they don’t realize that there are animals in the ocean the very second that they are talking to me, taking giant poops in the ocean.  Like, how many pounds is a whale poop?

Also, when they are talking about my dog’s poop, they are standing at a river mouth emptying into the ocean that is full of fertilizer from the farms up stream and coyote, deer, rabbit and raccoon poop.  Raccoons specifically poop in running water as a matter of habit, by the way.

The other thing I would implore them to consider is that the oceans have way bigger problems than my dog pooping in it.  For instance there are things called oil spills, tons of human trash (including diapers which have poo in them) and raw human sewage.  In fact, the very beach that this has occurred on there are what we call “shit pipes”.  Head high pipes that at any moment can open and release excess built up sewage from the city when it’s necessary so streets don’t become flooded.

So I made a handy dandy, totally un-scientific pie chart depicting what degree dog poop effects the ocean.  Spoiler alert: Not at all! Perhaps my next poo tangent will be about all the dog owners that pick up their dog’s poop, put it in a bag and then leave it on the beach or hiking trail for everyone to enjoy, or  in my case, dutifully pick up for them.  Believe me it’s not pleasant collecting  a pile of poo filled baggies in your pickup truck, driving home with them and opening the hot camper shell door to the smell of steaming dog turds . Then recollecting all the turd bags and carrying them to my trash can in the backyard while trying not to retch.  Ya, I guess that’s way better than my dog quietly pooping in knee deep ocean water.


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