Sunde White Industries Surf Report for the Self Employed

Surf Report for Sunday, June 13th: Photos of Montara, 11:00 am

It looks like a weak wind swell with waves crumbly and close together about 2-4 feet. It’s gotten better with the high tide, but I think it will be getting too filled in now as the tide goes up so it would be best to try again in the evening as the tide goes down.

Being self employed, I rarely surf on the weekends due to the massive crowds. But this was a rare hot, summer weekend in San Francisco so I thought I’d give it a shot anyway. But that darn fog will always defeat off shore winds eventually. The fog is waiting patiently to come mess up the waves by tomorrow. When I checked it it was too filled in and crumbly to be worth it so I went for a run instead.


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