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Baby Monster, A Rescue Story

We kept ReeRee for Jasmine’s sake.  Jasmine loved her obsessively from the moment she met her.  Ree Ree helped Jasmine to forget all her fears.  When they were together Jasmine no longer refused to go down stairs, or get out of the car at the beach, walk down a city sidewalk, frozen with fear.  With […]

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Poo Paranoia!

  San Francisco has a poo problem.   Not a dog poo problem, we have a very large dog poo police force here where you can be bending down about to scoop up your dogs poo and some poo policeman will ask, “Are you going to pick that up?”  Or more passive aggressively they’ll ask, “Do […]

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How Many Pounds Is A Whale Poop?

Because my dog ReRe is an innovative go getter she made the decision early on that when she has to poop at the beach it’s best to wade knee deep into the ocean and let the waves immediately dissolve and wash away any evidence of it.  This makes people furious.  They like to lecture me […]

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