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Fashion Analysis: A San Francisco Dad!

I saw this dad walking along Valencia street one morning.  The giant toddler he was carrying was actually bigger than I drew him  because I thought it would look like I was exaggerating.  I don’t know if the dad was short or the toddler had exceptionally long legs but I swear to god his legs […]

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The Butt

This weird thing happened a few months ago near my apartment.  I saw a butt.   It was shining in the sun on the sidewalk about a block away from me.  People were walking by, glancing curiously at the butt and then moving on.  A few gross guys were lingering, standing too close and discussing the […]

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Thank You San Francisco!

Thank You San Francisco!  There’s this weird thing that people in San Francisco do that I think is really condescending, disingenuous  and gross but also funny and ridiculous.  Instead of taking their old used filthy junk to the dump they pretend like they’re doing everyone a huge favor by offering it to us…for FREE! They […]

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