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I Guess I’m Just Bald Now

Sunde White writes about her mysterious bald patch

Years ago, my normally thick, lush hair began to thin in the front.  I noticed it one night in the bathroom of a French English private school where I was taking a beginning French class.  When I looked in the mirror as I washed my hands the fluorescent lights backlit my hairline revealing hair so […]

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Ocean Beach, A Love Story or Whatever

Sunde White illustrates her surfing experience at San Francisco's Ocean Beach

San Francisco’s surf beach that runs the width of the city is called Ocean Beach.  It is one of the world’s most dangerous waves because of its power, huge winter waves, rip currents, cold water, nearly impossible paddle outs and how far away from shore it breaks.  It is surfable from October thru March or […]

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Magical Ear Elves!

So tomorrow tiny magical elves will sneak into my ear canal and chip away all the bone growth that has formed because I’ve surfed in cold water for 30 years.  JK, actually it will be Dr. Gupta but it seems way less scary to just think I’m going to take a nap and magical elves […]

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So Jelly

Last week there was a break in the incessant wind and fog of spring on the coast.  The sun came out and the surf calmed down at my favorite beach.  It was a Tuesday so the beach was empty.  The dogs and I were the only ones that saw the big grey whale surface just […]

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No Regerts

Sometimes I slip down the social media rabbit hole, swiping through one successful and amazing artist or designer after another.  I scroll through them all crying out, “Why them?  Why not me?  Why are they so lucky and successful and I’m not?” Then my honest self, my adult self, answers my question. “Well Sunde, maybe […]

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Surfing For the Resistance

Surfing for the Resistance The night President Pussgrab McGrifter was voted into office I threw up my chicken sandwich and went for a long, panic stricken walk.  I cried for days and then became pissed off and outraged and wandered around talking to my TV and Twitter feed.  Then my outrage evolved into purpose and […]

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Surf Zine Sneak Peak!

Hello!  I’m working on a zine about all my years surfing in San Francisco.  It’ll have illustrated stories, cartoons, art and a graphic novel surfer spy series.   Here’s one of the stories for you to enjoy! Seals Are Weird!  A sexual harassment story from the sea. I hate seals. There, I said it.  I’m more […]

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