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Goodbye and Thanks To One Badass Dude

I read Kitchen Confidential when I was first starting my greeting card business.  It gave me hope that one day I could leave my restaurant job and live off of my creative endeavors. It was a beacon of light to help guide me out of the back breaking, mentally draining restaurant work and succeed as […]

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New Greeting Cards in the Works!

Hello!  I am working on new greeting cards for spring, including a graduation/congratulations card that I’m really pumped about featuring this victorious squirrel.  And then I’ll probably have 3 or 4 new birthday cards too.  A couple of the birthday cards I’m working on are exceptionally kooky but I’m going to do them anyway because […]

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Subscribe To My Newsletter!

I have an email newsletter now!  Don’t worry, they’re not boring and I don’t send them out constantly.  I’m really having fun with them being funny and interesting too.  Each one has a new header and bottomer(???? what’s the right word for that?) that I make especially for the newsletter.  These were the images for […]

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