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Suck It Up!

I’ve been sucking it up and just getting on with things all week while I recover from ear surgery and it reminded me of a day where I was horrible and mean and terrible to Britt and demanded that he suck it up.  Years ago we went on an early season snowboard trip.  The mountain […]

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A Civilized Bear

So it turns out that if you have a closed plastic bag of Hershey chocolate minis in a small compartment at the bottom of an 80 pound suitcase full of craft supplies locked in the camper shell of your truck in Tahoe, a bear will know.  Wandering by, late at night, he will smell chocolate, […]

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Are You There God? It’s Me Sunde

don’t know if there’s a god and I’m not at all religious but this thing happened to me a couple of years ago that made me a little bit more of a believer.  I’m going to preface this story by admitting that,  at the time of the incident,  I was listening to a lot of  […]

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